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Here at Kent Island Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we think of the spine as the anchor of the body; for just as a ship without an anchor can be lost at sea, without good spinal health, the whole body suffers. Instead of taking drugs or having surgery, why not try treating the problem at its source? Millions of people have found chiropractic to be a better solution than drugs or surgery. With a 113 year history, chiropractic successfully addresses chronic ailments and manages pain.

At Kent Island Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, our company is based on the belief that our patients' needs are of the utmost importance. Dr. LaNae Baker and Dr. Morgan McIlree are dedicated to bringing health and healing to our patients. We have extensive experience treating musculoskeletal, neurologic, and progressive disorders. Picture of reception area

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Introduction to Chiropractic Care:

Spinal manipulation (like that used by chiropractors in chiropractic medicine) is not a new or recent concept. Records show that manipulation of the spine can be traced back to the time of Hippocrates.

Since the inception of chiropractic medicine in 1895, chiropractors have held as a primary tenet that biomechanical and structural derangement of the spine can affect the nervous system. Because the nervous system is so intimately related to the spine from an anatomical standpoint, identifying and restoring spinal structural integrity through chiropractic treatments can improve the health of the individual by reducing pressure on sensitive neurological tissue. This tenet continues to be the emphasis that many chiropractors embrace and chiropractic patients seek.


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